German automotive supplier ZF acquires 90% of computer vision tech pioneer Simi

German computer vision technology company Simi has been acquired by ZF, a Friedrichshafen-based conglomerate that supplies systems to passenger and commercial vehicle makers, among others.

Simi is not exactly a startup – its founder Andreas Russ set up the company near Munich back in 1992. Russ will be retiring and leaving the company to his sons Philipp and Pascal, and ZF, which will now own 90% of Simi.

Simi currently has 35 employees and offers fully marker-less, video-based motion capture and analysis software.

For ZF, which aims to build the next generation of autonomous vehicle technology, the acquisition is a good fit as it will enable the automotive supplier to add mission-critical computer vision systems for its vehicles “to enhance their safety, reliability and passenger ride experience”.

More specifically, the acquired company’s technology enables ZF to more efficiently record and analyse human movement. Not unimportant when you think about autonomous vehicles on the road, I daresay.

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