Berlin-based startup LemonOne has landed a growth funding round led by Acton Capital, with participation from existing investor Redalpine. The startup didn’t disclose the exact amount of money raised.

LemonOne has built a photo shoot booking platform that connects clients to more than 6,000 freelance photographers and videographers across Europe. For freelancers, LemonOne takes care of editing the raw material, client acquisition and administration like invoice management. In that, the startup is quite similar to Meero, a French company that’s just announced raising $230 million.

“Thanks to our fully-automated processes, LemonOne freelancers benefit from a flexible way to fill their calendars and are able to focus on their core expertise,” Maximilian Schwahn, CEO and co-founder of LemonOne. “We are taking care of the rest. Customers benefit from 50% savings for high-quality imagery and faster delivery, no matter their location.”

In the photo (left to right): LemonOne founders Lorenz Marquardt, Max Schwahn, and Timur Kayaci

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