French startup Happydemics has raised €2 million. The funding comes from Starquest, the Finance Innovation Technology Fund, and several business angels including Frédéric Mazzella, Frédéric Basseto, Alexandre Ichai, Sébastien Duclos and Julien Godin from Playtwo, Olivier Mazeron, and Ruben Nataf.

The startup, founded in 2015 by Tarek Ouagguini, specialises in customised mobile surveys.

The company has been developing a solution to analyse mobile activity, and uses this data to allow its customers to adapt their offers for advertising campaigns.

Happydemics has attracted several major customers in the past two years, including Bouygues Telecom, IBM, DIM, the Shiseido Group, and Caterpillar. The startup claims to have an average response of 11 percent on its survey campaigns, versus 1.5 percent for its competition.

With the new capital the startup plans to double its workforce to 20 employees and accelerate the development its product, especially by strengthening its data management platform.

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