Nanox, an Israeli medtech innovating medical imaging devices and software, has secured a $26 million funding round from Foxconn. Based in Neve Ilan, the startup is working toward early detection of medical conditions that are discoverable by X-ray.

“We are honored to have Foxconn join other world leaders, Fujifilm and SK Telecom, in investing in our vision of eradicating cancer,” says Ran Poliakine, Founder and CEO of Nanox. “Nanox has achieved a technological breakthrough by digitizing traditional X-rays, and now we are ready to take a giant leap forward in making it possible to provide one scan per person, per year, for preventative measures.”

The team has unveiled the Nanox system, which includes the world’s first digital X-ray device, Nanox.ARC. The system provides an end-to-end medical imaging service that includes online and offline diagnostics review, billing, connectivity to diagnostic assistive AI, all through its cloud based software, Nanox.CLOUD.

The medtech believes its digital X-ray source technology, combined with its software, will enable it to build medical imaging systems at significantly lower costs than what’s currently available. A lower cost device has the potential to dramatically expand medical imaging availability and early-detection services around the world.

The latest round brings total funding to $55 million. Once the Nanox system has received regulatory approval, the company will commercialise and deploy it in the global market, collaborating with governments, hospitals, and clinic chains along the way.

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