Israeli urban tech startup Venn raises money, brings the total amount of funding to $40 million

Tel Aviv-based “urban revitalisation” startup Venn has secured a Series A funding round from Pitango Venture Capital, Hamilton Lane, and Bridges Israel, which brings the total amount of money secured by the company to $40 million.

The company was founded in 2016 as an experimental revitalisation project in Tel Aviv’s neighbourhood of Shapira but is currently live in Tel Aviv, Berlin, and New York. Venn is a neighbourhood service platform for local communities that offers apartments for rent, as well as unlimited access to coworking and event spaces, community programs, and so on. The main idea is to keep the residents engaged via volunteering and community participation tools under the motto of “If they build, they will stay.”

“There’s an entire generation of people searching for a more meaningful, connected way of urban living,” said Or Bokobza, co-founder and CEO at Venn. “Somewhere within the madness of city life, they want more time to see friends, explore interests, and make an impact. Venn is reinventing the urban neighbourhood by equipping our community of young urbanites with the tools they need to connect, collaborate and build a home beyond their houses.”

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