London-based API manager Tyk raises $35 million

With businesses now interfacing with software this is built across multiple clouds, APIs, or Application Protocol Interfaces, are the glue that keeps everybody talking to everybody else and everything running as it should. But with so many wheels turns in to many directions all at once, it’s understandable that a few things might go overlooked. A seemingly small mistake here or there could have massive repercussions. And this is exactly where Tyk steps in.

CEO Martin Buhr explains, “APIs are everywhere. Ordered a pizza online? You can thank APIs for that. Just applied for a credit card? That’s APIs from start to finish. The modern enterprise is at its core an API company, and those that want to survive are expanding their API ecosystems rapidly. With that growth comes an increasing need to manage, monitor and secure that complexity.”

The London-based open-source API gateway and management platform, helps engineering teams keep on top of all of those helpful, if not pesky at times, APIs and has raised a fresh $35 million to not only accelerate further growth but double the team size within the next year.

The firm currently counts over 100 staff members from around the globe, and its offer is in use in some of the most highly regulated industries including financial services, healthcare, and government. Tyk counts Societe Generale, Starbucks, and Domino’s amongst its client base.

Tyk’s Series B round was led by Scottish Equity Partners (SEP), and saw the participation of existing investors MMC Ventures. To date, the seven-year-old firm has raised $40.5 million.

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