London-based Dija guarantees groceries delivered in 10 minutes or less*, opens doors with a $20 million seed funding from Blossom Capital, Creandum, and Index Ventures.

Launching today, Dija promises Londoners in South Ken, Fulham and/or Hackney groceries delivered to their door in under 10 minutes. If not, three months of free deliveries. Guaranteed*.

*For the first month of operation, that is.

Blossom Capital, Creandum, and Index Ventures are fueling the $20 million seed funding round.

Founded by former Deliveroo executives, Alberto Menolascina (Director of Corporate Strategy) and Yusuf Saban (Chief of Staff), Dija is now live in London in the aforementioned boroughs and will be soon followed by Camden Town and 20 other locations including Clapham, Wandsworth, Acton, Islington, Mayfair, Stockwell and Clerkenwell over the summer.

To power this ultra-fast delivery service, Dija is operating out of hubs centrally located within each delivery area. Trials in South Ken and Fulham have seen customer retention rates as high as 40%, a 95% satisfaction rate, and a 300% order growth rate.

Needless to say, during, or dare I say, at the tail end (?) of a global pandemic, the interest in, and demand upon food delivery services has skyrocketed. By 2023 the sector is projected to have a valuation of $117 billion.

It’s the type of environment that catches the attention of investors, and a $20 million seed round amounts to one of the largest ever in Europe.

“Dija has the potential to be a $100bn+ company. Alberto and Yusuf’s experience is integral to their perspective on how to create a viable solution to the problems with grocery shopping and it’s one that millions of people stand to benefit from across the globe. We look forward to partnering with them on this journey,” comments Ophelia Brown, co-founder at Blossom Capital.

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