London-based, (former) McLaren engineers designed, streaming analytics platform Quix starts its engine with £2.3 million in seed round

London’s real-time streaming analytics platform Quix has raised £2.3 million in a seed funding round led by Project A Ventures that also saw participation from Passion Capital and a number of angel investors including Frank Sagnier, Ian Hogarth, Chris Schagen, and Michael Schrezenmaier.

“Data streaming is the next paradigm in data architecture, given end-users accelerating demand for live, on-demand, and personalised applications,” comments Project A Ventures’s Sam Cash. “The Quix team are leading the way in this market, by democratising access to data streaming infrastructure, which until now has been the reserve of the largest companies.”

Founded in March of last year by former McLaren employees Michael Rosam, Tomáš Neubauer, Péter Nagy, and Patrick Mira Pedrol, Quix is seeking to revolutionise the way data and handled and processes, i.e. from a database-centric approach to a stream-centric approach, namely through connecting Python developers to real-time data streams.

Quix promises a “free-forever” subscription to a real-time data engineering platform and wants to remove any and all barriers to building and applying machine learning on streaming data. In a nutshell, if you’re familiar with the Python language, Quix makes it possible to apply machine learning to real-time data streams in hours rather than years.

“At Quix, we believe that it will soon be essential for every organisation to automatically action data within milliseconds of it being created. Whether it’s personalising digital experiences, developing electric vehicles, automating industrial machinery, deploying smart wearables in healthcare, or detecting financial fraud faster, the ability to run machine learning models on live data streams and immediately respond to rapidly changing environments is critical to delivering better experiences and outcomes to people,” sums up CEO Michael Rosam.

For further reading, Project A’s Leopold Lerach dives deep into the rationale behind bringing Formula 1 tech into your office.

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