As we saw in the Forward Partners and Landscape VC study published last week, founders want more than just money. They’re looking for seasoned veterans with real industry know-how to help guide them to success.

To this end, Portugal-based VC firm Shilling has launched a new €30 million fund, dubbed the Founders Fund, which is backed by more than 35 founder LPs; all of whom who have been there, done that, and are now ready to fund and coach the next generation.

“We call it experience-based acceleration,” says Shilling Managing Partner Pedro Santos Vieira.

In addition to the pay-it-forward approach, Shilling is also offering portfolio investments a share of the profit on all returns. 7 companies have already been selected by the firm: Rows (spreadsheet for app creators), Vawlt (multi-cloud platform), Promptly (health analytics SaaS), Modatta (decentralised marketplace for consented personal data), Biocol Labs (DTC post-chemical pharmacy), Decipad (low-code notebook) and (AI-powered application and infrastructure monitoring platform)

60% of the fund is earmarked specifically for Portugal-based companies, with the remaining 40% reserved for international deals.

“Only by leveraging the collective experience of our successful founders as a basis will we be able to further accelerate the construction of a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem. When one of our startups triumphs, everyone in the portfolio wins”, explains Marta Palmeiro, LP Founder at Shilling.

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