Irish startup Provizio raises $6.2 million for sensor technology that prevents road accidents


Provizio, an Irish startup working to prevent car accidents, has raised $6.2 million in seed funding. Backing came from Bobby Hambrick, the founder of Autonomous Stuff, the founders of Movidius, the European Innovation Council (EIC) and Act Venture Capital.

Provizio wants to take advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) further, with the ultimate goal of saving lives. Most car safety technology on the market operates reactively or with prescriptive safety measures, which “merely minimise damage to passengers, they do not stop the crash from occurring,” explains the startup.

Emergency braking systems can only measure approximately 40 meters ahead or one second reaction time at high speeds. To perceive and prevent accidents, cars need 10x the capability of these systems.

The Limerick-based company, founded by Barry Lunn, is applying AI software and a five-dimensional sensory platform to predict and prevent accidents in real time and beyond the line-of-sight.

Bringing down road deaths from 1.35 million each year “drives everything we do at Provizio,” said Lunn. “AI is the future of automotive accident prevention and Provizio 5D radars with AI on-the-edge are the first step towards that goal.”

Founded in 2019, the team is made up of experts in robotics, AI, and vision and radar sensor development.

Photo by Don Moloney: Founder and CEO Barry Lunn

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