Munich-based venture client consultancy 27pilots has launched Startups Against Corona, a support network where startups can offer solutions to larger companies struggling from the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The exchange of problems and solutions has already kicked off. BMW, Bosch, SAP, Airbus, Bayer, Siemens and other large corporations (aggregating over 1.5 million employees) have joined, seeking help. On the other hand, over one hundred startups have pitched in their ideas.

The platform is free for everyone and benefits everyone, according to Gregor Gimmy, managing director of 27pilots.

Companies can post problems (anonymously, if they wish), then receive solutions and curated introductions to startups, which 27pilots verifies ahead of time. Startups get insight into company problems, so they can shape their products or build new ones, and get introduced to potential new clients.

Issues raised on the platform so far run the gamut of business challenges, some old and some new — from declining demand to remote events, from workforce planning to virtual daycare.

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