Travelsoft acquires French travel tech startup Sépage

Paris-based travel data marketing tech startup Sépage has been acquired by Travelsoft, the owner of travel distribution and booking platform Orchestra. No terms have been disclosed.

Sépage, founded in 2013, builds data marketing and AI tools for the tourism sector. With Travelsoft’s support, the startup will begin commercialising its services in France and abroad. Its current customers include Costa Cruises and Despagar.

The acquisition will provide Sépage with the capital it needs to hire talent, said the startup’s CEO Milan Stankovic.

“Furthermore, the synergies with Orchestra are strong and will offer many promising collaboration opportunities,” he added.

The travel industry is going through a significant transition period, according to Travelsoft, with companies turning to more personalised services for customers through AI.

“The major challenge in e-travel is to provide the maximum flexibility and completeness, and at the same time to master the explosion of data volumes to improve the relevance of the content shown to the user. The technologies created by Sépage will be a vital part of the industry’s coming transformation,” said Christian Sabbagh, CEO of Travelsoft.

Travelsoft told French Web that it had turnovers of €10 million last year and intends to double that in the next four years.

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