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A few weeks ago, Tech.eu travelled to Milan, Italy, to attend and participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Congress. Beyond doubt, one of the most interesting startups we encountered at the event was Solenica, a lean hardware startup based out of Rome.

Led by Diva Tommei, a brilliant young entrepreneur with a PhD and a stint at Singularity University under her belt, Solenica is building a robot called 'Lucy' that aims to bring more sunshine into your home or office.

Lucy is (or will be when the company gets to the production phase) a smart, solar-powered and connected illumination device that follows the sun and reflects sunlight into rooms, creating a natural glow.

Which is supposed to make you happier, but apparently has tons of other benefits (like a tan).

In the video interview, Tommei and I talked about the science behind the project, how she started working on Lucy to scratch her own itch, the challenges of building a hardware startup out of Italy, and what's next for the young company in the coming months.

Tommei and her team are currently looking for investors.