Podcast #178: Apple (and Ireland)’s win against the EU, Privacy Shield invalidated, and we interview Sinch CEO Oscar Werner Podcast #13: Wuaki's expansion, Sony's acquisition of Softkinetic and Lady Pitch Night

The Podcast is a show in which we discuss some of the most interesting stories from the European technology scene and interview leading entrepreneurs and investors from across the region.

This week, we talk about some of the biggest stories in European tech from the past week, including Apple’s victory against the EU in its fight against a $14.8 billion back-tax bill in Ireland, the invalidation of the Privacy Shield and more. Later in the show, you’ll hear an interview from our own Andrii Degeler with Oscar Werner, the CEO of Stockholm, Sweden-based cloud communications platform company Sinch.

Also, on this very day exactly 5 years ago, we published our first podcast! We hope you’ve been enjoying it at least as much as we have making them – and we’ll continue to do so.

You can find the latest episode embedded below.
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And here are the notes and links for this week’s episode:

Apple and Ireland mark victory on €13 billion tax bill appeal 

Privacy Shield: invalidated

UiPath raises $225 million at ‘decacorn’ valuation

Alibaba wants to buy Glovo

UK to bar Huawei from 5G networks after US pressure

Teamviewer buys Ubimax

🎙 Oscar Werner, CEO of  Sinch

We hope you enjoy(ed) the podcast! Please feel free to email us with any questions, suggestions, and opinions to or tweet at @tech_eu.

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