Swiss crypto fintech startup Amun AG raises $4 million

Swiss fintech startup Amun, which aims at making investments in crypto-assets as easy as buying share in public companies, has landed $4 million in funding from several investors, including Adam Draper, founder of Boost VC; Graham Tuckwell, founder of ETFS Capital; Greg Kidd, co-founder of Hard Yaka; and four family offices. Amun has created HODL, […] from Belarus raises $8 million and launches a tokenised securities trading platform

Minsk-based, a company affiliated with the trading platform, has raised $8 million in funding from Larnabel Ventures and VP Capital. The startup has also announced the launch of what it claims to be “the world’s first fully-functional trading platform for tokenised securities.” The newly-launched platform allows investors “trade, invest in, and benefit from […]

Icelandic crypto fintech startup Monerium raises $2 million

Reykjavik-headquartered fintech startup Monerium has raised $2 million in a seed funding round led by Crowberry Capital, with the participation from ConsenSys and Hof Holdings. The company has also applied to become a licensed financial services company in the European Economic Area (EEA). After the registration process is over, Monerium plans to offer fiat money […]

What comes after the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies? Join us in London on 3 and 4 April for the next edition of Crypto Capital World

This year was a terribly rough one for cryptocurrency markets, with valuations plummeting to levels most observers were never expecting to be hit again. While some are proclaiming we’re in a veritable nuclear winter for years to come, and some even that there is no chance of recovery, there are also those who remain optimistic […]

Israeli crypto wallet startup KZen raises $4 million

When it seemed like the number of different wallets to hold your cryptocurrencies couldn’t go any higher, the Israeli startup KZen raised $4 million in funding to get yet another one on the market. The list of investors participating in the round includes Benson Oak Ventures, Samsung Next, and Elron Ventures. The new wallet app […]

German blockchain banking startup Bitwala raises €4 million

German-founded blockchain banking service Bitwala has raised €4 million in funding from the venture capital firms Earlybird and Coparion. Bitwala is a crypto-friendly banking startup that offers its clients bitcoin debit cards, operates a bitcoin wallet service, and facilitates money transfers with SEPA and SWIFT by exchanging cryptocurrencies to more than 20 fiat currencies in […]

France’s Avolta Partners launches Volta ICO Syndicate to bring traditional investors closer to pre-ICO token sales

French investment bank and M&A advisor Avolta Partners has launched Volta ICO Syndicate, which would allow traditional investors to participate in pre-ICO token sales. The company envisions the service as part of a future suite of offerings within the crypto-economy sector. In an announcement, Avolta Partners stated that it has built a “network of contractors, […]