At, we’ve been meticulously tracking all funding and M&A deals involving European, Israeli and Turkish tech companies for more than two years. While keeping track of this data is valuable, we believe that even more value can be provided by analysing all the data we currently have and the bigger trends taking place in the European tech ecosystem.

Over the past few months we’ve published several reports where we looked at the overall funding and M&A markets in the old continent, as well as vertical and region-specific analysis for the FinTech industry and France.

Now it’s time to look at a different and hot sector in Europe that’s produced some of the largest funding rounds and M&A deals in 2015: food tech(nology).

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In this report, we take an in-depth look at the food tech industry in Europe, Israel and Turkey in 2015, and we also analyse the bigger trends taking place in the space and the most notable funding and M&A deals from last year, as well as year-on-year changes across a wide variety of metrics.

Given the complexity of the food tech ecosystem, we decided to analyse the sector from a relatively broad perspective. In the report, we include not only companies in the online food ordering and delivery space, but also others in the fields of agri-tech, restaurant software, food subscription services and food e-commerce / marketplaces.

Below are the main take-aways from the report, with a breakdown of what you can expect to find in the full report. Also follow us on Twitter, where we regularly share interesting tidbits from our research throughout launch day.

European Food Tech – Funding in 2015

European Food Tech Key funding takeaways Infographic

European Food Tech – Exits in 2015

European Food Tech Key M&A Takeaways Infographic

At, we tracked 86 investments in food tech companies in 2015, totalling €1.1 billion. Both figures represent solid year-on-year uplifts, mostly driven by startups in the food delivery space and the involvement of Rocket Internet as an investor and venture builder.

Unsurprisingly, Germany and the UK accounted for the vast majority of these deals and the overall volume.

The situation in the M&A markets was quite similar, with 27 transactions in 2015 that combined for €1.1 billion. Berlin-based Delivery Hero was responsible for two of the largest deals of the year, and German companies where the most active of all.

What else will you be able to learn from the full report?

  • Breakdown of funding rounds and M&A deals per stage, quarter, vertical and size
  • Analysis of the top 20 funding rounds and M&A transactions in 2015
  • Most active investors in food tech companies
  • A list of up-and-coming food technology companies that are poised to attract capital (and/or exits) in the next few months
  • Analysis of the four most active food tech verticals in 2015: the food delivery wars, food subscription services, restaurant software and agri-tech
  • Our informed predictions on the future of food tech in 2016 and beyond

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