Since we started, one of the key aims of the team at has been to track all of the funding rounds and exits in Europe, providing the most comprehensive and accurate record and analysis of the European technology scene.

This is a challenging task, as it involves continuously monitoring numerous sources, in a wide variety of languages, for an industry that is almost as widely fragmented as the European continent itself. It’s also a rewarding task, because it enables us to collect data and intelligence pertaining to the European technology industry at a scale no one has been able to do in the past. That, in turn, allows us to analyse more and better data about financing, mergers, acquisitions, IPOs and technology trends in Europe than ever before.

To date, we’ve collected this data and structured it in a way that allows us to send curated information to thousands of newsletter subscribers located across the globe on a weekly basis, and we’ve published a number of quarterly reports on funding and M&A activity on the website in the past. The next step is bringing data and intelligence together, by analysing the information that we’ve monitored and gathered in the past two years and connecting the proverbial dots.

This has resulted in this report, a comprehensive review of France's tech ecosystem, including detailed analysis of funding and M&A activity in the French market in full calendar year 2015.

This report was written by Jaime Novoa, data analyst at and Robin Wauters, founding editor of Please refer to the end of the report for methodology and disclaimers.