Boost your startup’s visibility with The Startup League – for extraordinary startups with breakthrough domains

The Startup League is a program by Radix to help startups get access to the biggest tech conferences and networking opportunities - and funky domain names to boot.
Boost your startup’s visibility with The Startup League – for extraordinary startups with breakthrough domains

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For startups, attending the slew of tech conferences on both sides of the Atlantic is expensive, from travel to accommodation to securing tickets or a booth on the conference floor, all with the hope of meeting potential customers or investors and getting featured in a leading publication - perhaps.

However, the costs can run into thousands. It’s a gamble, and if it doesn’t work out, it can be crippling for a startup that’s already on a frugal budget.

In an attempt to address these concerns for startups, and to provide additional marketing support, domain name registry Radix has initiated a new program, dubbed The Startup League.


Any startup attending leading tech events around the world - like Web Summit or TechCrunch Disrupt - that has a Radix domain can apply for up to 25% cash back on their fees. The minimum spend is $1,000 with a maximum of $4,000. With the extra cash, startups can reinvest the money back into their products or towards marketing and PR.

To qualify for the Startup League, a company needs to have an active website on one of the following eligible Radix domains: .TECH, .STORE, .PRESS, .HOST, .ONLINE, .SITE, .SPACE, and .WEBSITE. Startups will be required to display this domain name on their booth at the event.

But it doesn’t end there - creating awareness requires sustained efforts, and for that, the Startup League provides additional marketing and PR support.

Whether it be getting a startup featured in online publications, amplifying noise around the startup’s brand or creating branded swag like T-shirts and stationery for the startup’s next event presence, the main goal of the initiative is to cut down on a startup’s initial marketing expenses as much as possible, giving them the freedom to allocate the saved funds to other avenues. Startup League members will also have premium access to Radix domain names.

Intrigued by the innovative offerings of the program, early adopters have already started signing up to the Startup League to make the most of the benefits. The list includes the likes of - a feedback tool for restaurants and other service industry businesses, - an exclusive network of some of the best dev teams in the world and - a recruitment product built by developers for developers.

Other startups on board include,,,,,,,,, and

The League has also forged strategic tie-ups with a few partners that would help leverage the program to their respective members. This includes incubators like The Founder Institute, WHub, Founders Space, and co-working spaces such as The Collective1212 based out of Canada and Dots Space, in California, to name a few.

Applications for the Startup League are open now. To apply, all you need to do is visit the official website and sign up using your startup’s Radix domain.

Don’t have a Radix domain? No worries; the folks at Radix are running a special campaign offering a standard domain name across any their eight domain extensions for $2.99. Use the coupon code STARTUPLEAGUE and get your domain name here.

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