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InnoEnergy is on a mission to map sustainable energy innovation in Europe - here's how you can help

InnoEnergy is on a mission to map sustainable energy innovation in Europe - here's how you can help

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InnoEnergy, one of Europe's leading drivers for innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of sustainable energy, has gone on a mission to identify, and benchmarking relevant startups and scale-ups from across the globe.

Having already invested and supported more than 400 commercially-viable startups and other assets in this vibrant sector - companies and products that will ultimately help reduce overall energy costs, increase system performance, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and whatnot - InnoEnergy aims to map sustainable energy innovation across Europe and examine its impact on the economy and society as a whole.

To achieve this, InnoEnergy and its global partners have launched the E-Observatory 2019 campaign, helping startups and scale-ups from within the pan-European ecosystem for sustainable energy join the monitoring and benchmarking study.

Companies have until the 31st of August to apply for inclusion in the extensive research project, which will result in valuable exposure to InnoEnergy's broad network of media and industry partners across the entire energy value chain. It is open to any startup working on sustainable energy solutions such as storage, smart cities and grids, renewable energy, circular economy initiatives, nuclear instrumentation, innovative mobility and transport products and services, etc.

An additional benefit of completing the survey to join the E-Observatory campaign for this year is that companies will be able to track their progress and benchmark their performance against startups in sustainable energy from across the globe.

Important note: any data submitted to the survey will be treated confidentially and only be used for statistical purposes.

There's potentially something more in for relevant startups as well, as they get a chance to win a trip to The Business Booster (TBB), an annual two-day international networking event that showcases 150+ sustainable energy technologies under one roof - next time in Paris on 3 and 4 October.

If sustainable energy startups come out on top of this raffle, they will get their transport to the event and accommodation covered in full, but more importantly gain face time with other startups, energy industry representatives, investors, policymakers and regulators.

If you are working for, or know of an interesting startup or scale-up working on sustainable energy innovation, do not miss the chance for the company to be included in this major attempt to map the global ecosystem in this important and growing field!

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