How do you cultivate culture while scaling rapidly? Our Summit speakers have the answers

What are the best ways to ensure a startup's culture survives speedy growth? Leaders from Index Ventures, Glovo, and Pitch are poised to tell you how — and why it's so important — at the Summit in Brussels on May 17.
How do you cultivate culture while scaling rapidly? Our Summit speakers have the answers

Scaling up at a breakneck pace is exhilarating but a startup's culture can get trampled in the rush, and that may come back to haunt when it comes to attracting and keeping the best talent.

How do you hire for culture fit and keep that alive as staff headcount soars? What's the best way to cultivate culture now remote and hybrid working is here to stay? Whose job is this anyway? What happens when culture "breaks"?

All is about to be revealed, as we sit down with leaders from Glovo, Index Ventures, and Pitch to pick their brains on how they cultivated culture whilst growing fast. To hear that and a ton more wisdom in person from some 90 speakers on May 17 in Brussels, grab a ticket now to the Summit here

Martin Mignot

We have Index Ventures partner Martin Mignot, who has vast amounts of experience in helping early-stage startups scale in the food, finance, and health markets.

Martin has led Index’s investments in Cowboy, Deliveroo, KRY/LIVI, Personio, Revolut, Swile, to name a few, and heads up Index's Not Optional campaign, to push for hiring policy reform in the startup world. His other talents include beauty— he co-founded beauty subscription company Boudoir Prive — and the ins and outs of student radio. 

Åsa Lidén

Joining Martin on stage is Pitch COO Åsa Liden. Before joining the Berlin-based presentation software company, Åsa was VP of Engineering at Natural Cycles, the first mobile app for birth control. She also advises early stage startups on growth strategies, sits on the board of the Swedish audio brand Transparent, and was formerly on the engineering leadership at Spotify. Yes, she has awesome playlists, and might share them. 

Narek Verdian

Rounding out our tremendous trio, we have Narek Verdian, chief technology officer of Spanish-based international on-demand delivery giant Glovo. Narek’s career to date is a roll-call of the biggest tech and brand names, including vice president of engineering at American Express and director of technology at and the Expedia Group. 

If you want to hear these three speakers and 90 more live at the Tech.Eu Summit on May 17 at the Brussels Expo, hurry and secure your early-bird ticket here

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