Berlin pledges to switch entirely to electric buses by 2030, drivers still world’s grumpiest

For the next year, the city of Berlin's public transportation operator BVG will analyse the usage of battery health and safety software firm Accure's solution in 15 of its electric busses
Berlin pledges to switch entirely to electric buses by 2030, drivers still world’s grumpiest

While Berlin may be many things to many people, there’s one group of individuals for certain that the city is a hell on Earth, those of the city’s BVG bus drivers. In so much, it's also the mission of these bus drivers to share their pain of living with as many as possible.

However, as a last act of futility, the city’s public transportation operator BVG has announced that it will be switching its 1,500+ buses to an all-electric fleet by 2030, “at the latest.”  

Berlin bus drivers. Not happy people.

Although it would appear that most Berlin bus drivers would rather be drawn and quartered, BVG insists upon the safety of not only the passengers they carry but the driver as well. With this in mind, the company has announced that they’re be utilising Aachen-based Accure, a software and AI-driven solution that assists manufacturers and operators in monitoring the overall health and safety conditions of a battery system throughout its lifecycle.

For the next year, 15 of BVG’s electric buses will be fitted with Accure’s battery safety cure, with the Berliners keeping a close eye on just how well the solution benefits the overall reliability and operational statuses of these busses.

“The reliability and safety of electric buses are key to their acceptance by the public,” explained Accure CEO Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies. “Our analytics software can prevent bus breakdowns while improving safety.”

When asked for his thoughts on the trials and switching to an all-electric fleet, 15-year BVG veteran bus driver Karl Schultz’s eyes began rolling in his head and a brief sound of, “Unngh,” was heard by many. 

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