Summit 2023 update: 10 new speakers, and online press accreditation is now open!

Less than 70 days to go before the next Summit, and we're gearing up for an amazing event! We're delighted to present to you 10 new speakers to our already stellar line-up, and the opening of online press accreditations. Summit 2023 update: 10 new speakers, and online press accreditation is now open!

Here we go again, meet the ten latest speakers to join the line-up for the upcoming Summit.

It now includes the likes of Improbable co-founder and CEO Herman Narula, Algorithmiq CEO and Professor of Quantum Information, Computing, and Logic at the University of Helsinki, Sabrina Maniscalco, Novicap founder Federico Travella and Maya Pindeus, co-founder and CEO of Humanising Autonomy. And then some.

Are you excited yet? We definitely are!

Get your tickets now before it's too late, early-bird rate is valid for another 2 weeks-or-so only. Interested in a press pass? Keep scrolling!

At this point, there's too many speakers to mention in one article, so go check out the full list on the dedicated Summit website. It will be updated with more names and an agenda in the coming weeks as we start counting down to the big date (24 May, in case you were wondering).

Are you a technology journalist or blogger with an interest in joining the Summit in Brussels this year? Fill out this form and we'll review your application for press accreditation asap!

If you're interested in taking things a bit further with a media partnership, please email [email protected].

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