BlaBlaCar aims to up the ante on short-distance carpooling, looking to acquire Klaxit

The French long-distance carpooling specialist wants to go short. Distances that is.
BlaBlaCar aims to up the ante on short-distance carpooling, looking to acquire Klaxit

Parisian ride-sharing company BlaBlaCar has made public its discussions of an acquisition with home-to-work carpooling startup Klaxit. While the deal is yet concluded, the addition of Klaxit to BlaBlaCar’s lineup would shore up the latter’s dominance in both long and short-distance carpooling.

Founded in 2012, Klaxit has agreements in place with more than 50 local authorities across France that subsidise residents’ journeys, thereby incentivising ride sharing as opposed to a one-car, one-person mentality. Beyond its involvement with local authorities, Klaxit also collaborates with some 350 companies to organise and facilitate employee travel.

Again, the acquisition is not concluded, naturally subject to the usual conditions with BlaBlaCar only stating that the project is currently being negotiated and is subject to various stages before its finalisation, in particular the consultation procedure with the various stakeholders. 

Be that as it may, BlaBlaCar commented, “By 2024, this union could lead to the merger of Klaxit and BlaBlaCar Daily into a single application, bringing together the strengths of each in order to offer an optimized service for all users, communities and businesses.”

Last but not least, Klaxit co-founder and President Julien Honnart’s commentary sounds a whole lot like like “It’s a done deal”, “Klaxit has been building, step by step, a model capable of making short-distance carpooling take off. First with companies, then with local authorities and finally with the legislator, until more than 2.6 million journeys are made in 2022. To go further and convince even more citizens, we needed a brand known to everyone and a community of several million members. Joining forces with BlaBlaCar then seemed obvious.”

The financials or terms and conditions of the deal were not provided.

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