Finnish influencer marketing platform Boksi has acquired Monochrome

The deal sees Boksi strengthen its foothold in Finland as it makes plans to make its move on the German influencer marketing market - German firms are next on its acquisition radar
Finnish influencer marketing platform Boksi has acquired Monochrome

Helsinki-based influencer marketing platform Boksi has acquired Finnish creative influencer agency Monochrome for an undisclosed figure as it expands its offering in Finland. The deal allows Boksi to offer customised influencer campaigns and content production in addition to its existing influencer campaign management services.

"Monochrome has been a pioneer in the development of the Finnish influencer marketing industry and has offered both brands and influencers versatile and comprehensive influencer marketing services, focusing especially on large and medium-sized influencers. Monochrome's service expertise complements Boksi's expertise perfectly. We warmly welcome Monochrome to be part of Boksi's growing team," says Lasse Laaksonen, CEO of Boksi. 

Boksi was founded in 2018 with a focus on connecting social media influencers and brands through its online platform where brands can order images, videos, and influencer marketing directly from creators - the addition of Monochrome means Boksi can cater for creators of all audience sizes as it adds tailored customer and influencer campaigns as a new service alongside its platform.

"Together with Boksi, we want to offer both brands and influencers even more interesting collaborations and effective campaigns. Boksi has driven the industry forward with their technology. Now Monochrome’s team brings in their expertise in working with larger influencers. Together we can build both the service offering and the technology on an international scale and serve even better the entire influencer community, from micro-influencers to professionals with large numbers of followers," says Emma Naumanen, CEO of Monochrome.

The deal was done a few months previous but Laaksonen says he wanted to wait to make sure the things 'Boksi promised from the deal' were being realised, and that they were ‘seeing the results’, before spreading the good word. Clearly things are going according to plan. 

Boksi counts Fazer, Bob W, Luhta Sportswear Company, and Biozell among its client list of 400 brands. Boksi currently employs 42 people - 37 in Finland and 5 in its new market Germany.

“The acquisition is part of our international expansion strategy. In influencer marketing, local knowledge and networks are critical for success, which is why our strategy is based on finding the best local agencies to team up with,” says Laaksonen.

Next step is to make a bigger move on Germany and Boksi is already having conversations with ‘potential acquisition targets’ as entering into a new market via an acquisition would kill two birds with the one stone by ‘establishing trust’ and ensuring ‘efficiency’.

Why Germany? Laaksonen sees it as a ‘lucrative market’ and ‘as it’s in the Eurozone there would be no issues with payment systems.’ He also has a personal connection to the country as he spent time growing up there as a child. 

Wondering if we might see all of our favourite social media stars sell their souls and platforms to become the creative mouthpiece for brands...Laaksonen says what Boksi is offering can ensure that doesn't happen. Creatives can sell their work (image, video, media) directly to brands for the brands own agenda, keeping all that advertising and product pushing off of the creative's personal account, if they desire. 

What is the dream? For Laaksonen his dream is ‘facilitating people to pursue their dream, by enabling them to do what they do best’. 

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