Mediahuis adds EU policy news brand Euractiv to its card of European publications

The European media group has acquired Euractiv, expanding its reach across European media with the pan-European multilingual news-brand
Mediahuis adds EU policy news brand Euractiv to its card of European publications

European media group Mediahuis has acquired Euractiv, the pan-European news brand, focused on EU policy. 

As Mediahuis expands its stable of publications in Europe Euractiv is it first pan-European news brand acquisition. It is already a news publisher in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg and Germany. As it is vying for poll position as a leading European media group, the acquisition of Euractiv is another rung of the ladder cleared.

“Euractiv is joining Mediahuis: a group becoming one of Europe’s media champions.  Across Europe, Euractiv editors and publishers are motivated by five values: media independence, transparency, constructive, languages, pro-European. As the EU prepares its Media Freedom Act and the 2024 elections, and as disinformation rises, some sector consolidation is required: cross-border cooperation does sustain pluralism. I trust Mediahuis to respect Euractiv’s values. We started quite differently – Mediahuis by publishing national and regional newspapers, and Euractiv as an online venture: this European Vision brings us together,” says Christophe Leclercq, Euractiv founder.

Covering EU policy across agrifood, economy, energy and environment, global Europe, health, politics, technology and transport, and produced in 13 languages by journalists based in Brussels, Paris and Berlin Euractiv’s offering is well rounded when it comes to EU policy.

“EU politics and policymaking are fundamental in today’s society and affect millions of Europeans. Hence the importance of strong, independent and pluralistic European coverage. Euractiv has succeeded in building a promising news brand and has become a trusted source of information for EU policymakers, interest groups and other media,” says Gert Ysebaert, CEO Mediahuis group.

“Firmly rooted in European society, Euractiv’s journalism, journalistic teams and values are a great addition to Mediahuis’ news brand portfolio. We share the same European vision and I am proud to welcome Euractiv as the first international brand to our Mediahuis family. I look forward to further leveraging the Euractiv brand, with David Mekkaoui as CEO and the talented teams at Euractiv,” adds Ysebaert.

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