Computing platform developer Signaloid raises £3 million in a seed round led by IQ Capital

Signaloid's platform enables automatic tracking of real-world data variations, offering faster computation and risk reduction
Computing platform developer Signaloid raises £3 million in a seed round led by IQ Capital

This week computing platform developer Signaloid announced a £3 million seed round. 

Signaloid's computing platform allows systems to automatically track variations in real-world data that traditionally get hidden by averaging when fed to computers.

Users can run their existing unmodified software while continually analysing how input data's uncertainties affect every computation result. 

This saves development time and achieves orders of magnitude faster computation. 

Companies can quantify how changes in their inputs and assumptions affect their software's outputs, allowing them to reduce risk, satisfy regulations, save money, and save lives.

The Signaloid Compute Engine is available to companies to integrate into their cloud-based or on-premises computing infrastructure. Signaloid also provides a Developer Platform, allowing individuals to try out its technology and build their own applications, with several hundred developers already signed up.

According to Phillip Stanley-Marbell, founder and CEO of Signaloid: 

"We are excited about the opportunity the investment will provide for Signaloid to accelerate the adoption of our platform. 

The investment will allow us to strengthen the team in strategic areas further and to scale the number of use cases of our platform, from the hundreds of signed-up users we have on our developer platform today, to a larger number of production deployments of our cloud-based and edge-hardware compute engine, by our customers."

Specifically, Signaloid will use the funding to scale its engineering implementations, allowing it to take on larger customers with more demanding workloads and a greater number of applications running on Signaloid's Compute Engine platform.

Ultimately, this will increase Signaloid's revenue streams throughout its customer base.

The funding is led by IQ Capital, with additional investment from Type One Ventures and Creator Fund. 

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