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How MioMedia leveled up its (i)game with ReferOn

MioMedia, a leading affiliate program in iGaming, achieved remarkable revenue growth by integrating ReferOn's advanced affiliate marketing platform.
How MioMedia leveled up its (i)game with ReferOn

Today's affiliate marketing space is thriving. With an average 12:1 return on ad spend (ROAS) and 4 in 5 brands increasing their affiliate marketing budgets every year, the industry grows more attractive by the day for all involved parties. 

As always in such scenarios, success attracts competition, and for modern affiliate programs to achieve sustained growth in an increasingly saturated market, they must evolve to better meet the needs of their partners. 

Competition is particularly fierce in the iGaming industry, which has seen some of the most widespread adoption of affiliate marketing. While legacy platforms continue to dominate the field, their restrictive nature and sluggish modernization have left a space for more agile businesses to cater to today's more demanding affiliate marketers. 

One such company is MioMedia. An affiliate program for the promotion of online casinos and sports betting platforms, MioMedia recently upgraded its operations by integrating state-of-the-art iGaming affiliate marketing platform ReferOn in a bid to boost customer acquisition. 

It's a bet that has certainly paid off. “After implementing ReferOn into our operations in February 2023, the result was a substantial uplift in revenue and a notable increase in customer acquisition,” shares Helen Reginia, Head of Affiliates at MioMedia.

MioMedia x ReferOn

MioMedia is an affiliate program that encompasses three distinct brands. Their clients? More than 2,300 website owners, social media influencers, marketers, and other individuals and entities interested in promoting online casinos and sports betting platforms.

For these and other affiliate marketers, their compensation depends directly on performance, which is why the quantity, quality, and presentation of data are so important in their choice of platform. User-friendliness is critical, too, as ineffective workflows hinder the marketers' ability to maximize earnings. 

This is why MioMedia turned to ReferOn – an affiliate management platform created by tenured industry professionals frustrated with ineffective and opaque legacy options that no longer serve today's dynamic and fast-paced landscape. 

“ReferOn's user-friendly interface and intuitive features have made it a seamless addition to our existing operations and its sophisticated referral capabilities have empowered us to tap into new markets and attract a wider audience,” Helen explains.

Growing by meeting the needs of the modern affiliate marketer

ReferOn's impressive features, including Dynamic Reports, User-friendly Dashboards, API Reports, Dynamic Variables, IDC Calculation, Advanced Marketing Tools, Media Tracking, and an Integrated Ad-Serving Platform, among other things, proved instrumental in MioMedia's journey towards optimizing their affiliate platform. 

These features address the specific challenges faced by modern affiliate marketers, offering a state-of-the-art solution that empowers them to level up their marketing efforts. 

“By using ReferOn, we've gained the ability to discern the origin of clicks, allowing us to filter out clicks that may not be relevant for click-guaranteed deals. This level of granularity in tracking and analytics has been instrumental in optimizing our referral campaigns. It ensures that our efforts are focused on the most promising markets, ultimately leading to more effective customer acquisition strategies and increased revenue. Additionally, the ability to distinguish clicks per geo has provided valuable insights into regional performance, enabling us to make data-driven decisions in our marketing initiatives.”

Equipping their clients with the tools they need to succeed, without overburdening them with convoluted analytics and workflows has proven to be a winning formula for Helen and MioMedia.

“ReferOn has become an invaluable tool in our pursuit of sustained growth and success in the online gaming affiliate space, by optimizing our referral programs and streamlining customer acquisition”.

Be competitive

MioMedia's success story with ReferOn underscores the industry's hunger for innovation and adaptability. For marketers to come out on top in an affiliate space that is growing and evolving, they can no longer settle for subpar offerings. The same holds true for the affiliate programs themselves. 

“I recommend ReferOn to businesses that value accurate tracking, customization options, and detailed analytics in their referral programs. It's also beneficial for companies seeking a user-friendly platform with seamless integration capabilities. ReferOn is a versatile solution for any organization looking to enhance their referral marketing efforts and drive growth through customer advocacy,” says Helen. 

To learn more about ReferOn or speak to the people behind the scenes, you can contact David on LinkedIn, email [email protected], or even visit ReferOn and request a demo.

Lead image via ReferOn. Photo: Uncredited.

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