Paris-based Alt Tab Productions, owner of O'Gaming TV, an esports video content production and events company, has received an investment of €2.5 million from Toronto-based Millennial Esports Corp.

The investment will allow Millenial Esports to collaborate with Alt Tab, giving them access to Alt Tab's Parisian studio, intellectual property, relationships with other players in esports, and allowing them to expand their scope beyond North America.

"Alt Tab Productions and their brands, including Ogaming.TV, are one of the most recognized, authentic and professional Esports organizations on the planet," said Alex Igelman, CEO of Millennial Esports in a statement. "As the global leading French-language Esports group, tournament organizer, content creator and broadcaster, Alt Tab is at the cutting edge of all things Esports and is extremely well positioned in the Esports ecosystem in continental Europe and elsewhere."

"Millennial Esports Corp. brings a global ambition to the table, providing complementary, talented and disruptive energies to build a major player in the field of competitive gaming and digital entertainment," added Alexandre Noci, President of Alt Tab productions.

"Millennial's investment will foster our media expansion, adding production value to our digital shows, enabling Alt Tab Productions to address more games and communities and to give voice to many more online talents, streamers, casters and pro players; it will also help build and produce cool esport events and circuits in France and on the global scale, bringing live gaming thrills and momentum to the Esport crowds," said Noci.

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