Earlier this month, we published an interview with Christopher Plantener, CEO and founder of Kontist, a fintech startup that combines banking for freelancers and the self-employed with tax advisory.

Today, the Berlin-based neobank is announcing a €25 million Series B funding round to bolster said tax services business, specifically with ‘real-time and AI-supported tax calculation for freelancers’.

The round was led by Founders, the Danish startup studio and investment firm, which incubated the company together with Plantener. Haufe Group, which already acquired a minority stake in 2018 as part of a Series A investment, also participated in the new round.

“We are very pleased about the extended commitment of our investors, as they are demonstrating something that we value highly in our business development as well as in our financing: Sustainability and continuity. They also share our vision that the self-employed, as an essential pillar of a national economy, should be provided with services that make their work significantly easier, especially in times of corona,” commented Plantener on the round.

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