Belgian Enervalis gets €4.2 million for platform to optimize energy use

Belgian company Enervalis, an IT platform focused on optimizing the use of green energy, has raised €4.2 million. The funding comes from LRM, Nuhma, and ABB, which each invested €1.4 million. The company says it will use the capital to fund further research to enhance their energy saving software, and to grow internationally.

Enervalis develops software that provides sustainable energy solutions for electric vehicles, buildings, and microgrids. The platform monitors available energy sources and users, and can predict future demand and supply of energy through ]weather forecasting, input from users, AI, and big data. Using this information it then distributes the energy to meet the needs of users. For example, the platform can postpone the charging of electric vehicles until enough renewable energy is available. The software can also be used in homes, hotels, or office buildings to more efficiently control energy use.

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