Game changing microcapsule maker Calyxia raises €15 million

France’s maker of biodegradable microcapsule Calyxia has raised €15 million. The startup is fundamentally changing the way industries utilise microplastics, or, as the case may be, not. The new funding is meant to be used to roll out commercial and industrial international expansion plans. To date, the firm has raised €23 million to further its mission of removing intentionally added toxic particles.

Founded in 2015 by a group of scientists from Harvard, ESPCI-Paris-PSL and Cambridge University, Calyxia is rising to the challenge of an EU ban on all ‘intentionally added microplastics’ that will go into effect as of 2022. Thus far, manufacturers have no viable solution to replace their current ingredients list with.

Found in controlled delivery products including active compounds in crop protection and fragrances in detergents, microplastics have already been found in over 210 commercially important species of fish, and in over 90% of all tap and bottled water worldwide. And if you’re thinking “so what?”, well, umm, just have a look at this. Merde!

In a nutshell, Calyxia’s microcapsules are engineered to radically alter the performance of plastic materials, preventing the materials from breaking down and increasing the wear resistance, ultimately prolonging product lifespan in use by a factor of 10x.

Co-founder and CEO Jamie Walters comments, “Microplastic pollution is an environmental and public health ticking time bomb. Without immediate intervention, the amount of toxic microplastics in the food chain could reach a tipping point with catastrophic consequences for food safety and human health.”

The newest funding round for Calyxia was led by agtech specialist Astanor Ventures.

“Beyond the already enormous feat of decreasing microplastic pollution into our ecosystems, Calyxia’s technology will dramatically reduce the impact of the global agrifood, home care and advanced materials industries,” commented Astanor’s Hendrik Van Asbroeck. “With a deeply mission-driven team, extensive technological expertise, growing product pipeline, and eco-friendly manufacturing process, Calyxia is poised to make an exponential impact on a global scale.”

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