London-based Inflow fetches $650,000 in pre-seed funding for digital ADHD treatment


Inflow, a London-based startup that’s creating a digital healthcare programme “for people with ADHD, by people with ADHD”, has raised $680,000 to pursue its mission of making neurodiverse healthcare more accessible.

The startup says that ADHD is a hidden struggle that affects at least 5 percent of the general population — and over 50 percent of Inflow’s team. Current treatment options (either in-person therapy or medication) are inconvenient, expensive, non-scalable and generally difficult to navigate.

Inflow’s seven-week programme is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), developed in close conjunction with a group of leading figures in  the field, who are working alongside Clinical Director Dr. George Sachs. The app includes features for time management and prioritisation, mood tracking, short daily activities and practical challenges, plus a community of other users.

Currently in closed beta, the platform is set to launch in April.

The pre-seed round was backed by Rhythm VC and several angel investors, including Mike Gibbs, one of the co-founders of digital health startup Second Nature, which itself raised $10 million last year.

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