Withings CEO talks smart hardware products, Activité and starting up in France (video interview)


It’s taken us way too long to put up this video, but I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cédric Hutchings at the recent Web Summit in Dublin to catch up on business. Hutchings is the co-founder and CEO of Withings, a French company that essentially builds smart devices and software that enable people to lead healthier lives.

Its range of products includes a smart scale, baby monitor, activity trackers, sleep and heart pressure monitors and more.

Hutchings talked about whether Withings is primarily a hardware or a software company, its relatively limited amount of capital raised, starting up in France, and discussed at length a product that was not yet available for sale at the time: Activité, a high-end Swiss-made smartwatch.

The watch is now on the market, and it will soon be joined by its lower-end brother Activité Pop.


(Video and photos property of tech.eu)

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