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London-based events discovery app Revl has raised £2.4 million in seed funding, officially leaving stealth mode. The investors have not been disclosed.

Founded by husband and wife Brandon Stephens and Jennifer Roebuck, along with Aryn Hurst-Clark, Revl is a a comprehensive platform for finding customized events in your area based on your interests. The app also allows you to listen to playlists related to these events, created by your friends, bloggers, or leading companies.

Stephens told TechCrunch, “We’re making it super easy for people to find out what’s going on at any venue in the U.K. and to see when their favourite musicians, comedians or sports teams are performing. We’re pioneering the use of playlists for events – so you can create a playlist of your favourite pubs, clubs, theatres, museums, bands or whatever your interest is across 19 interest areas, and we’ll tell you all of the events that are taking place.”

At launch, the app already offers more 130,000 events in over 40,000 venues. In the future, the company hopes to build up an inventory with the capability to identify events at your local pub, venue, or anywhere where there is an event that may interest you.

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