In this guest post, researcher and author Boyd Cohen argues that Europe will overtake the US as the dominant global innovation hub, and explains why.
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  • Joren De Wachter

    Throw in UBI and we’re off.

  • Alex Barrera

    Nice piece Boyd. Can’t agree more with what you say. It’s still to be seen how all the pieces of the puzzle connect, but what’s undeniable is that life quality for entrepreneurs in the US is declining rapidly. Hyperinflation, massive class divides, diminishing access to a talent pool (most of the talent in the US is, actually, from elsewhere) and group homogenization is killing innovation in the US. Many critics will deny this, but the trend is there and it’s a matter of years. Maybe it will take 8 years, maybe a decade, but it’s already happening. The question I would like to pose to you is the following. What can a city do to accelerate all the variables you mention. Can it be done artificially or it’s a compounded effect of wise choices and time?

  • Great article! Since you mention Barcelona, now there is even a decent fleet of electric scooters available by two companies (YUGO and eCooltra). I wonder if there are any US cities that have that.

    • Greenkiss ♲ GRNKSS

      Hi! In fact Robert, there is a cool one in Paris : #startup (12 E./Hour of use) Twitter @moberparis

  • mel_pullen

    Sadly, a distorted view not supported by evidence. Europe has been innovative and entrepreneurial for over 600 years.

    Before that it was the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and so it goes through millennia. Culture & Innovation go together.

    I suspect there is a reality distortion field centred on 1 infinite loop that extends out for 100 miles or more.

  • Regarding crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding is also way ahead in Europe. The SEC here in the States has managed to bungle regulation to a degree that will hamper its development while Europe is already years ahead. That’s bad for U.S. tech investors as well as entrepreneurs.

  • Golbalview

    You are missing some key drivers. Culture of failure is dominant in Silicon Valley, Europe is light years behind in bankruptcy laws. You cannot change this culture in just one generation. Movement of people. Six month severance kills incentive to hire and to leave existing employment. Do not even get me started on the silly French working hours. EU regulations (Brussels will eventually kill EU innovation if allowed) and taxes. Sorry, but these are more powerful than a pretty place to live and low startup costs, all regions have this. Do not believe me, then sadly watch the next decade as the EU becomes even more irrelevant to tech than it is today.