At the recent How To Web conference in Bucharest, Romania, yours truly gave a presentation about some of the major trends in technology that are currently happening. It’s virtually impossible to predict the future, but there are a number of trends that are obvious and already well underway.

More importantly, I set out to showcase that there are quite a few European technology startups blazing trails in their respective spaces while riding these big waves in technological innovation.

Some companies you may have never heard of, or you may not have realized that they’re actually European (or at least started in Europe).

I figured it would make sense to share the presentation with readers so I’ve uploaded my slides to SlideShare and embedded the deck below.

In the presentation, I discussed only nine of the obvious trends happening in technology, including the “Internet of everything”, the rise of lean hardware, robotics, wearable smart devices and connected cars, and the consumerization of 3D printing. None of these should be new to you (I’m no ‘futurist’).

Also take a look at Juniper’s top 10 tech predictions for 2014 if you’re into this kind of thing.

Evidently, the list of technology trends in the presentation is not comprehensive, and neither are the examples of European companies that fit into the virtual boxes I’ve made for the occasion. Some of the companies I mention are part of several trends at the same time (e.g. Withings), and I’m sure you can attach more European startups to some of the trends – feel free to do so in the comments below.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share this post or my presentation.

Featured image credit: Pixelbliss / Shutterstock

  • Oscar Aabech Jung

    No new trends that was not present in 2010.. but I guess trends need several “dots” in time..

    • Robin Wauters

      Yeah fair enough. 3D printing has been around for almost 25 years now. Wouldn’t have called it ‘trendy’ before though :)

  • Marcin Pokojski

    Robin, I’ve two more Polish startups worth to mention:
    (caregory: IoE) and NeouroOn ( (category: wearable technology).

    • Robin Wauters

      very cool companies!

  • Piet Verhoeve

    Customized personalization for all through 3D printing: