At the recent Slush conference in Helsinki, I caught up with Ida Tin, the Danish entrepreneur who’s been building one of Europe’s most interesting startups – period tracking app maker Clue – out of Berlin.

We’ve profiled Ida / Clue in the past, but that was before the startup raised $7 million in Series A funding from well-known American VC firm Union Square Ventures and Mosaic Ventures.

Furthermore, when I recorded the above video interview with Ida at Slush, she had just come off stage after receiving the Europioneers Female Web Entrepreneur of the Year award (disclosure: I was one of the judges).

Ida said that, although she felt honoured for winning the award, she hopes that in the future separate awards for female entrepreneurs will no longer be necessary. One thing is for sure: Ida and her co-founder and partner, Hans Raffauf, have built amazing software for women, allowing them to track their cycles with a beautiful smartphone application.

As Charmaine Li wrote in the earlier profile:

“Clue is a digital fertility tool that lets users (and their partners) track their menstrual cycle by entering data about their period, sex drive, mood, fluid and pain. The more input the app receives, the more accurate Clue becomes in predicting your cycle – which can be useful if you’re trying to get pregnant, trying not to get pregnant or simply trying to make sense of recurring mood swings.”

The app is free, and will remain free, Ida said during the interview, highlighting that the company currently doesn’t generate any revenue. That said, the startup is experimenting with ways to build money-making products and services on top of the current offering.

Clue currently has approximately 2.5 million active users and is seeing fast growth, clocking around 700,000 app downloads per month at present. The team is about 25 people strong today, with the large majority of staff working in Clue’s Berlin office.

Most of Clue’s users, however, are based in the United States, Ida said, although people from over 180 countries have downloaded and used one of its smartphone apps, which are available in 10 languages.

During the interview, we also talked about the recent funding round and how the new investors are helping the company scale to the next level. Hiring is a big part of that; Ida said Clue is looking for a CTO and multiple developers to boost its products, but also that a lot of her focus will go to maintaining a healthy culture as the company continues to grow in size.

Asked whether a new capital injection is on her mind, Ida was adamant about the fact that it is, despite recently securing the $7 million round.

See the full interview above and tell us what you think about Clue!

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