Class is in session: 'career accelerator' Startup Institute launches in London and Berlin

Startup Institute, a U.S.-based 'career accelerator' that aims to help individuals gain the skills to succeed in jobs at startups, is launching in London and Berlin, its first two international locations.
Class is in session: 'career accelerator' Startup Institute launches in London and Berlin

The U.S.-based organization behind the Startup Institute (formerly known as Boston Startup School and not be confused with the Founder Institute) is opening two new 'schools' in two of Europe's major tech hubs, Berlin and London, in an effort to address the problematic lack of tech talent on this side of the Atlantic.

Designed to teach people the necessary skills and mindset to work in fast-paced startups, the Startup Institute originally started as a branch of business accelerator TechStars in Boston back in 2012, and later expanded to New York and Chicago. In the U.S., its hiring partners include the likes of Uber, HubSpot, Acquia, Constant Contact, Gigya and Aereo.

With the support of Tech City UK and TechStars London (which, we should note, is managed by co-founder Jon Bradford), Startup Institute is kicking off its first international 8-week program in London this Summer.

Billing itself as a 'career accelerator', the Startup Institute posits that the demand for skilled employees within early-stage technology companies in the UK outstrips supply by a margin, with startup job ads up 44 percent since 2012 and nearly 5,000 vacancies unfilled.

The Startup Institute's full-time program in London will begin on 2 June, 2014, and those who are interested in attending can apply starting today.

The core curriculum includes four tracks in product and design, technical marketing, sales and account management, and Web development.

Startup Institute co-founder and CEO, Aaron O'Hearn (pictured on the left, courtesy of Silicon Maniacs on Flickr), commented:


“London has an exceptional workforce, but there is a risk that the city’s dynamic startup ecosystem will not reach its potential due to the lack of the right skills. We’re going to help change that.

Traditional workplace skills don’t always transition well into startup culture, but that doesn’t mean that talented people should dismiss job opportunities at startups. Startup Institute helps people develop the softer skills to help them make this cultural shift and become valuable startup employees.”

The organization had very little to share about its plans to establish a presence in Berlin, apart from saying that it aims to launch there at some point in 'early 2014'.

According to BostInno, the organization recently raised $1.3 million in funding.

Similar initiatives include General Assembly, 42, Skillshare, Udemy and EEMI, and of course there are lots of places where Europeans can go to learn how to code.

(Disclosure: as noted, co-founder Jon Bradford helped set up Startup Institute in London as part of his role as TechStars London's director, but has no financial interests of any kind.)

Featured image credit: Tech Cocktail / Flickr

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