Why you should totally subscribe to our weekly newsletter (and our Twitter feed while you're at it)

In our perhaps-not-so-humble opinion, there's simply no better way to stay updated on what's happening in European tech than to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and Twitter feed.
Why you should totally subscribe to our weekly newsletter (and our Twitter feed while you're at it)

We're slightly biased, but we think our weekly newsletter rocks, and you should totally join our fast-growing subscriber base.

When we launched the site a few months ago, we knew we wanted to send a newsletter (an oft-underestimated popular source for information for a ton of people still) but we didn't know when or how frequently, what we should put in - and leave out of - it, and what it should look like.

Tomorrow afternoon (Central European Time, that is) we're going to send out the 17th issue of the weekly newsletter. We're really happy with the many people who've opted to receive it every Friday, and humbled by the many positive reactions to it. You can sign up here:

The reason we think our newsletter is unmatched when it comes to delivering timely information on what happens in European tech is because we rely on years of combined experience in online tech journalism and are able to leverage our knowledge on what's happening in a variety of ecosystems in ways practically no one else can.

There's much left to improve - we're well aware that the design kinda sucks - but already the newsletter is a comprehensive source of information on EU tech innovation from all over the Web.

We constantly monitor more than 55 sources so we can curate effectively and deliver a weekly snapshot of all the important happenings, from M&A deals to fundraising to product launches to interesting events. And the thing is, the newsletter is only going to get better.

We know you get a lot of emails, but if you have an interest in European tech innovation, for whatever reason, subscribing to the tech.eu newsletter should actually save you quite some time.

I'm gonna stop babbling and boasting, but honestly if you haven't yet subscribed, you should do it now.

While you're at it, you should follow us on Twitter, as we use it to quickly disseminate information and news from the sources mentioned earlier.

As you've probably noticed if you're a regular reader, we're not about speed but all about quality. Even if we could break news, we'll often refrain to gain more of an understanding while other publications opt to move quickly and perhaps not catch all of the context. That's fine, and we're happy to link to any publication. What matters to us is that you stay informed.

Bottom line: we ceaselessly source and curate the most important news and information from the European tech industry so you don't have to. Out of passion. Free of charge.

And you should totally take advantage of it.

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