10 exciting 'smart energy' startups from across Europe

From smart thermostats to solar charging backpacks, the time was ripe to highlight some exciting European startups in the 'smart energy' space. We picked 10 startups we think are worth noting.
10 exciting 'smart energy' startups from across Europe

With Google's recent acquisition of Nest and the launch of pan-European smart energy accelerator programs by both Rockstart and Startupbootcamp, it seems the energy vertical is having a bit of a moment right now.

That's cool, though, I'd much rather see a new startup in this realm than another stupid messaging app that makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

From intelligent thermostats to solar charging backpacks, we thought the time was ripe to highlight some exciting European startups in the 'smart energy' space (in no particular order). As always, these lists are not meant to be exhaustive - feel free to highlight more exciting smart energy startups from the EU in the comments section.

1) Tado

tadoHeadquarters: Munich, Germany

Gist: Founded in 2011 by Christian Deilmann and Johannes Schwarz, Tado seems to be making the biggest strides forward in the increasingly crowded European smart thermostat market. Earlier this month, the company announced a cool 10 million euro funding round to fuel European expansion.

2) Changers

ChangersHeadquarters: Potsdam, Germany

Gist: Changers offers a smart solar charging system and community where users can produce their own energy for mobile devices and redeem rewards for their energy-saving behaviours. After facing a bankruptcy at the end of 2011, the company has since rebounded with a $1.5 million Series A round.

3) Smappee

smappeeHeadquarters: Kortrijk, Belgium

Gist:  Founded by Stefan Grosjean, Smappee is a company developing solutions that foster sustainable energy consumption. The startup just launched its smart energy monitor in the UK, which identifies power-hungry devices and appliances in the home so users can take immediate action to intervene.

4) Tespack

TespackHeadquarters: Helsinki, Finland

Gist: Tespack is a CleanTech startup specializing in wearable energy and mobile data. It offers a line of products – which include solar backpacks, and panels as well as outdoor equipment – aiming to bring solar charging to the mass market.

5) Qwiksense

QwikSenseHeadquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Gist: QwikSense, which participated in Rockstart Accelerator's first smart energy accelerator program, wants to provide organizations with actionable data on how to improve the work environment and save energy at the same time.

6) EcoisMe

Ecois.meHeadquarters: Krakow, Poland

Gist: Founded in Ukraine, EcoisMe emerged out of hackathon at TeslaCamp in August 2013 and recently received funding from Hub:raum Krakow. The startup offers a hardware-software solution to monitor and manage your energy efficiency in the home.

7) Brightup

BrightupHeadquarters: Hamburg, Germany

Gist: Brightup provides connected hardware plug sockets that allow users to control and automate lighting systems in their house through an app. The startup recently joined the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Berlin.

8) Tidalys

TidalysHeadquarters: Cherbourg-Octeville, France

Gist: In a different approach to smart energy, French startup Tidalys has developed innovative tidal energy turbines while minimizing costs of ownership, operation as well as maintenance. In 2012, the startup received an award for most innovative startup in the Lower Normandy region.

9) Wattio

WattioHeadquarters: San Sebastian, Spain

Gist: Wattio offers a kit comprised of a series of wireless devices that can collect data on your energy consumption habits from electrical appliances and lets you shut them off with a click from a remote location.

10) Prismattery

PrismatteryHeadquarters: Tallinn, Estonia

Gist: Prismattery is a five-person team specializing in the design and engineering of custom battery packs. Its B2B electric vehicle data monitoring platform CoModule, which connects to smartphones and displays battery data, was selected for Startupbootcamp's Smart Transportation & Energy Program.

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