The 'Sesame Street venture fund' backs Kano, the UK startup that helps kids build computers and applications

Sesame Ventures, the Sesame Street-tied venture capital firm that "looks for ways to help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder", has financed a UK startup that has a similar mission by putting the tools in children's hands for building their own computers (and code their own apps).

Kano, the London-based startup, says it's raised the so-called 'strategic investment' from Sesame Ventures to boost growth and expand into new products.

In the magical language of press releases, it goes something like this: "Together, Kano and Sesame Ventures will explore future collaboration opportunities that will allow both companies to share knowledge, insights and best practices regarding parents, children and their interaction with technology from the very early stages of life."

The investment is an extension of a $28 million funding round Kano closed last year, but the size of this particular financing round was not disclosed.

Kano says its kits have been used to create more than 53 million lines of code, sparking 550,000 'creations' from more than 250,000 makers across 150 countries.

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