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Milan becomes the Futureland on November 15–16 to talk about blockchain, AI, and immersive tech

Milan becomes the Futureland on November 15–16 to talk about blockchain, AI, and immersive tech

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Being up to speed with the most recent technology developments and following all the latest news is one thing, but being able to apply it to the right parts of your business is something much more important. There's no way you can learn that in two days, but coming to the Futureland conference in Milan on November 15–16 would definitely make a good start.

The information-packed international event is there to enable the business community to apply the most relevant technology and develop truly innovative and transformative products. More than 700 attendees and over 80 brilliant speakers will come around to the amazing Talent Garden Calabiana share knowledge, collaborate, and network.

The event has picked three main topics to group content around — blockchain, immersive technologies, and artificial intelligence.

Blockchain has been around for a while but there are still not many businesses that have successfully implemented it in their daily operations. The technology has a potential to streamline direct value exchange over the internet and could be gearing up towards mainstream adoption in the industries like finance, insurance, energy, IoT, and even music distribution.

Immersive technologies, which include augmented, virtual, and mixed reality among other things, are a mindblowing development that's rapidly becoming ubiquitous in today's society. From manufacturing to gaming to logistics, immersive applications can change entire industries within a few years.

Arguably the oldest disruptor of the three, artificial intelligence seems to be everywhere around us these days. Deep learning, convolutional and neural networks, training of models, and analysing big data are some of the topics you can hear people talking about at most tech gatherings these days. Beyond the hype, AI is already delivering a lot of value to tons of businesses across industries.

To make sense of the three core themes of the event, Futureland has put together an impressive lineup of speakers and panellists.

One of the Blockchain stream headliners is Tom Lyons, the head of research at Consensys — a venture studio with a track record in building and scaling products powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Before joining ConsenSys, Lyons ran his own communications agency specializing in technology in general and blockchain and decentralisation in particular.

The immersive technology enthusiasts will have a chance to listen to Leen Segers, a member of the founding team of and the founder and CEO of Lucidweb. The company works on creating XR experiences for different industries, with a recent focus on healthcare. In addition to that, Segers is one of the most well-connected people in the AR/VR space in Europe who knows more than most about the ecosystem.

On the AI side, the lineup includes EyeEm's CEO and founder Ramzi Rizk. Known for its beautiful photography, the company has built a significant technology infrastructure for indexing, search, and analytics of the uploaded images. It currently works with 13 million photographers across over 100 countries, and Rizk will come on stage to share his learnings.

Another speaker certainly worth attention is Mariana Pereira, director at Darktrace, the cyber defence unicorn that made news recently by raising $50 million at a $1.65 billion valuation. Also, make sure you don’t miss the talk by Martin Goodson, chief scientist and CEO of Evolution AI, who specialises in natural language processing (NLP).

In addition to that, the entrepreneurs among us can listen to what investors in the industry have to say — just come to the talk of Henrik Landgren, who has built Spotify's analytics team and is currently working with the investment firm EQT Ventures. Some of the other speakers represent well-known industry players like Parity Technologies,, Royal Bank of Scotland, Maersk, Alchemist Accelerator, Samsung, and Babylon Health just to name a few.

The conference is also a good place to say hi to our founding editor Robin Wauters, who will co-host the event together with another great journalist, Ciara Byrne, and Nir Eyal, the author of the bestselling book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.

This year's program at Futureland goes well beyond the traditional talks and panels. The organisers have added an interactive element for those interested in actual conversations rather than listening to presentations from the stage. You can expect vision battles with experts in different topics, join conversation tables with the conference speakers, ask a question or two in facilitated #AMA sessions, and of course network at the epic Futureland party at the end of Day One. Get your tickets today, and enjoy Milan!

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