Digitail raises seed funding to bring veterinary practices up to digital speed

Digitail raises seed funding to bring veterinary practices up to digital speed

It's a small round of financing but a fascinating premise: Digitail has raised €220,000 in seed funding to boost the development of its software for veterinary practices and a 'digital health card' for pets.

The funding round comes from accelerator Fast Track Malmo (one of the co-founders, Ruxandra Pui, is based in the Swedish city), The Nordic Web Ventures and angel investors like Christian Jantzen from Futuristic, Hampus Jakobsson, Erik Byrenius, Jonas Vig (CEO of MinDoktor) and Emil Sjödin (Refined).

Digitail, which has a remote team working from Romania, Sweden, Germany and Spain, is building a practice management system for veterinarians to help clinics increase efficiency and connect them to pet owners and suppliers.

The SaaS startup helps digitise veterinary practices, helping them build an online presence with an integrated booking system, increase customer retention and frequency, and have an overview on stock and inventory.

Also interesting is Digitail's plan to create what it refers to as a 'digital health card' that aims to enable pet owners to communicate more efficiently with their vets thanks to centralised health records, personalised products and insurance plan recommendations, and so on.

Sebastian Gabor, the other co-founder and CEO of the startup, comments on the seed funding round: "Digitail will digitize a large share of the 80,000+ veterinary practices and empower the majority of the 500.000.000+ pet owners with the Digital Health Card, many of whom are millennials."

"We feel that physical health cards are outdated and pet parents deserve a better way to manage their pets health. However, pet parents still keep health records on paper, get medical information from Google and connect with the vet only when they physically go there. This has to change in order to provide better care for pets and the only way to build a digital health card app is to digitize the information which is currently either on paper or inaccessible in legacy systems," Gabor added.

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