French healthtech Chronolife launches machine-washable smart T-shirt that analyses several biomarkers

French healthtech Chronolife launches machine-washable smart T-shirt that analyses several biomarkers

Chronolife, the Paris-based healthtech developing AI-based wearable technology, has raised an undisclosed round of funding from iBionext, Adrea, and Celeste Management. The investment will fuel the commercial launch of Nexhin, a smart T-shirt that monitors six key physiological parameters — and can be machine-washed.

The Nexhin platform uses 10 biometric scanners into the T-shirt, which tracks a user’s heart rate, abdominal and thoracic breathing, body temperature, physical activity, and other functions. All data is transmitted via Bluetooth to a user’s smartphone and, once transformed into actionable insights via Chronolife’s algorithm, can be securely shared with health professionals.

With a 24-hour battery life that can be recharged in a few hours, the Nexhin T-shirt shows promise for areas such as aging-in-place senior care, chronic illness management, occupational health and safety, sports rehabilitation, military training, and performance management.

“The Nexkin T-shirt makes accurate, unobtrusive continuous health monitoring both affordable and convenient across a wide range of industries and functionalities, from pharmaceutical testing to senior care,” said Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife. “By combining wearable electronics with advanced AI-powered analytics, we’re delivering biometric monitoring capabilities that will revolutionize the way researchers and healthcare professionals interact with patients.”

The wearable technology has received the CE mark in the European Union and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval in the US. By the end of 2020, Nexhin should receive medical certification in Europe and Food and Drug Administration in the US, allowing more applications of the technology and further commercial expansion.

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