Parisian HarfangLab snares €5 million, takes on ransomware with AI

Parisian HarfangLab snares €5 million, takes on ransomware with AI

Paris-based ransomware foe HarfangLab has secured €5 million in funding; €3.5 million from Elaia, and €2.5 million in non-dilutive loans. The funding is slated to be used to further develop the commercialisation of HarfangLab’s offering as well as continue R&D.

Founded in 2018 by Grégoire Germain and Xavier Boreau, HarfangLab specialises in cybersecurity EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) effectively anticipating and neutralising cyberattacks. The company uses AI to both accelerate threat detection and automate responses.

The company's prime offer was developed by former ANSSI cyber intelligence professionals (the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems), and since December of last year, has been certified by the same agency.

With the stamp of approval, the firm was selected as one of the 11 French tech companies for the Grand Défi Cyber, a project subsidised by the French government, and having the ultimate goal of building a new cybersecurity ecosystem in France.

“HarfangLab arrives on the market with perfect timing, as we see a massive surge of threats, especially ransomware, that traditional tools are not able to contain anymore. The team is tackling a critical issue with a lightweight, cloud-agnostic and open EDR that is truly impressive and will define a new standard in the XDR space,” concludes Elaia’s Armelle de Tinguy.

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