Wrocław-based B2B sales startup Meetsales raises €800,000 in pre-seed investment

Wrocław-based B2B sales startup Meetsales raises €800,000 in pre-seed investment

Wrocław-based B2B sales startup Meetsales has raised €800,000 in a pre-seed investment round led by Atlantic Labs. Notable angel investors and operators include Jens Gamperl, the CEO and founder of Sourceability, Ulrike Mueller, the former co-founder of Demandware (acq. By Salesforce), Fabian Wesner and Tim Niemeier, both former CTO’s of Rocket Internet (we won’t hold it against them) and eCommerce platform Spryker. Meetsales reports that the investment will aid completion of its minimum viable product and fuel its go-to-market strategy later this year.

Founded in 2020 in response to a rapidly changing world by Tamara Bolsewicz and Jakub Mikołajczyk, Meetsales is aiming to hybridise the global B2B e-commerce world. The startup’s aim is to give sales professionals the space to build human-to-human relationships with clients and data-driven insights to close more deals online.

“It’s easy to purchase one thousand pairs of socks from China, but when you have to buy one thousand different electronic components, it gets complicated, especially when you are on your own, without the helping hand of an expert,” explains CEO Bolsewicz. “Therefore, the most significant clue for us is the combination of the human factor with e-commerce.”

Meetsales comes out of the Karwatka Brothers’ incubator, Catch The Tornado, whose other chick, Vue Storefront is currently under the wings of YCombinator.

"The world we live in has changed dramatically in the last 18 months. Sales professionals need to adapt to how they market and sell their products and Meetsales will empower them to do that. We were immediately convinced that Tamara is the right person to do tackle this challenge and are excited about supporting the team," concludes Atlantic Labs’ Christophe Maire.

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