Delivery Hero enters Berlin market under foodpanda brand

Delivery Hero enters Berlin market under foodpanda brand

After weeks of testing under the codename Project Bear Wave, Delivery Hero is now opening its doors to food delivery and quick commerce operations in Berlin under the foodpanda and pandamarkets brands. Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich are on tap for launch this autumn.

Following the standard operating procedure, pandamarkets will be opened in four key areas of Berlin, ensuring ultra-fast delivery times of convenience items, fruits and vegetables, snacks, etc. Via the foodpanda app, Berliners will now have access to a one-stop shop for everything from traditional restaurants right on through to groceries.

Riding on current trends, there’s no word on just how Q that q-commerce is. Will it be 15 minutes? Because if so, that’s already 5 minutes too slow. Will it be 9 minutes, because if so, then Delivery Hero has an advantage. But at what cost?

Now It’s not that Berlin doesn’t already have a few players operating in the q-commerce sector, and one, in particular, that has been at the centre of controversy for weeks now over a variety of issues. A key issue is rider wellbeing, and how backs have literally been breaking due to the pressure of “10 minutes or less”.

Delivery Hero CEO Niklas Östberg comments, “After testing the foodpanda app for a few weeks, we are confident to deliver on our promise to introduce a superior service to the German market, bringing food delivery and quick commerce to local customers through one single app. Our Berlin employees now have the chance to get closer to the very products they are building and experience our services together with our first customers. We look forward to entering more German cities soon to bring customers an amazing experience and work together with local shops and restaurants.”

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