Helping cities transform climate planning into actual progress, ClimateView raises €10 million

Helping cities transform climate planning into actual progress, ClimateView raises €10 million

Stockholm’s climate action technology startup ClimateView’s aim is simple: help cities that are serious about their commitment to climate planning walk the walk. To this end, the firm has raised €10 million in new funding, bringing their total to date to €12.3 million.

The company’s main offer, ClimateOS was initially developed for the Swedish government to make their decarbonisation plans publicly available. Realising the impact far beyond just one client, ClimateOS is now in use by 30 cities and municipalities across Sweden, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Canada.

With over 700 cities committed to reaching net-zero goals by 2050, well, you might say that ClimateView’s prospecting list is chocka.

Cities including Newcastle, Mannheim and Bern are tapping into the ClimateView keg, developing, implementing, and managing climate action plans and ramping up their decarbonisation plans.

Newcastle City Council advisor Tim Rippon explains, “The wholesale decarbonisation of a city is something that’s never been done before and the challenge is absolutely enormous. ClimateView gives us the platform we need to develop and roll out an ambitious climate action plan. By breaking the net zero challenge down into bite-size chunks you can understand how each will contribute to cutting carbon, start setting year by year transition targets, and then build a robust set of actions on this framework.”

ClimateView’s Series A funding round was led by CommerzVentures and NordicNinja, with Norrsken, Marie Ekeland's 2050.VC and Gaingles also participating.

“Cities around the world are placing carbon reduction at the heart of their agenda and looking to cut emissions across every sector of their economy. ClimateView’s technology makes this complex challenge manageable, enabling effective decarbonisation strategies that can deliver thriving and sustainable economies,” said CommerzVentures’ Paul Morgenthaler. “ClimateView have unlocked the vital ability for cities to win greater investments into robust climate action plans.”

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