Tying all the loose ends together, Cord raises $17.5 million

Tying all the loose ends together, Cord raises $17.5 million

Cord, the London-based platform that acts as the connecting bridge between any and all apps, has raised $17.5 million in a new funding round led by Index Ventures. The single line of javascript API allows businesses of any size the opportunity to immediately make any and all apps and/or products instantly social and collaborative. Founded in 2020, Cord has received funding via seed and Series A rounds, however, figures were not released.

I’m truly hard-pressed to describe the company any better than they’ve done so themselves. Hats off to their copywriter:

“We're a team of designers, engineers, and product craftspeople that have (sic) collected some secrets from our tenures at leading tech companies like Google, Facebook and Adobe. Now, we're using those secrets to make collaboration at work more effective.”

As mentioned above, the company’s single line of Javascript introduces a host of new collaboration features and functionality across the corporate landscape. In a post-pandemic world, we’ve all see the beauty and benefits of remote working, and Cord wants to use some of those GAF (Google, Adobe, Facebook - and yes, I just made that up right now, let’s make it a thing, shall we?) secrets to keep on keepin’ on with the cool cool collaborations.

Looking under the hood, or bonnet, as it were, Cord is shaving years of development time and the associated headaches off of development time via its chat, presence, annotations, integrations with task managers and Slack, screen recordings, audio messages, live co-browsing, and video chat offerings.

“Most web products will become a multiplayer experience in the coming years,” says Nimrod Priell, Cord’s CEO and co-founder. “We already see it happening: Figma reached 4 million users in 4 years and decimated Adobe, Invision and Sketch to become the dominant prototyping design app – in major part thanks to its built-in collaboration. If Figma is the ‘Google Docs of design,’ we empower every product to become the Google Docs of their respective industries.”

Cord’s new funding round was led by Index Ventures with Stride with previous listed investor NFX also participating. The round was also joined by angel investors Elad Gil, Jeff Morris Jr., Charlie Songhurst, Guy Podjarny, and Matt Robinson.

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