Helping scaleups scale better, interview optimiser Metaview raises $6 million

Helping scaleups scale better, interview optimiser Metaview raises $6 million

London-based Metaview has raised $6 million in a seed funding round. The startup is pioneering the interview intelligence category and provides customers with transcripts, analytics, and automated training tools to help interviewers up their game.

The better the interviewer, the better the hire, the better the team, the better the company.

The company reports that the new capital will be used to further develop the product, triple the team size over the course of 2022, and ultimately provide a tailwind into further market expansion across Europe and the US. Since its founding in 2018, Metaview has raised $7.6 million.

A problem we’ve seen time and time again with scaleups: the war for talent. And not even necessarily at the front lines, but much like those VCs that pass on the next unicorn, sometimes great talent can slip through the fingers of prospective employers.

Metaview’s stance is that this comes down to a single key problem: the interview process. They argue that the status quo is broken with interview formats often ineffective, relying on intuition alone to determine suitable candidates. If any of this is sounding remotely familiar, yes, Metaview is taking the “data-driven” trend and has successfully extrapolated it to the interviewing process.

Effectively, founders ex-Uber Siadhal Magos and ex-Palantir Shahriar Tajbakhsh have developed a product and process that leads to more objective and consistent hiring practices with early adopters including household names Robinhood, Anduril, AngelList, and Hudl.

To put things into perspective, companies not using a standardised interview process are five times more likely to make a bad hire, and almost half of the most in-demand candidates have declined an offer due to a, shall we say, less than satisfactory hiring process.

"Right now, even the best companies are trying to "fix" hiring without the data that really matters," Magos told me. "Our aim is to build a future where People processes and People decisions are just as informed by data as every other part of a high-performing business."

Metaview’s $6 million seed round was led by Vertex Ventures US, and saw participation from Fly Ventures, Seedcamp, Village Global, PrimeSet, Moving Capital (Uber alumni fund), and Palumni (Palantir alumni fund).

“As former founders and operators, we understand how consequential hiring decisions are, yet the process is inconsistent, opaque, and full of unconscious bias. We’re excited to support Metaview as they bring transparency to job interviews, and insights to interviewers about how best to improve their tactics,” concluded Vertex Ventures US’s Jonathan Heiliger.

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